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    Black Umfolosi is a self taught Acappella (Imbube) singing and traditional dance group that was formed in 1982 by the then school age members who wanted to develop themselves and contribute to their community. Specialising in imbube music, gumboot dance and Zulu dance, Black Umfolosi has toured extensively nationally and internationally –Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Asia. They have represented Zimbabwe at international events such as Expo 1992 in Seville, Spain and the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, Canada.

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    In The Community Black Umfolosi soon found the need to visit people to see and learn about different traditions, and then made it their mission to demonstrate and teach others around the world (including other African countries) about Southern African, traditional dance and music. Black Umfolosi expanded to become Black Umfolosi Performing Arts Project,acquired land and put up an Arts Centre. The following programmes were then possible.

    • Mentoring and Training Other Artists
    • Hiring Equipment Out
    • Foreign and local exchange programs
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    LEGAL STATUS/ AFFILIATION - Black Umfolosi Performing Arts Project is registered as a company. It is also registered with the Zimbabwe Ministry of Education, Sport, Art and Culture, as well as the Zimbabwean Arts Council. It is affiliated to various organisations, including the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association.

    PARTNERSHIPS - The company has partnerships with foreign and local companies that share the same or similar vision. Through partnerships, the company seeks to establish a recording studio, dance studios, conference centre, performance theatre, college set up and so on.

    MISSION STATEMENT AND GOALS The mission statement of Black Umfolosi Performing Arts Project is: TO PROMOTE, PRESERVE AND PERFORM SOUTHERN AFRICAN TRADITIONAL MUSIC AND DANCE, WHILE CREATING LINKAGES WITH INTERNATIONAL, CONTEMPORARY AND TRADITIONAL PERFORMING ARTS GROUPS.To achieve this mission, Black Umfolosi seeks to: To create employment for its members.use the Arts in addressing various social, economic, cultural and topical issues.use the Arts as a vehicle for promoting social harmony and understanding amongst people of different backgrounds.

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    Phone: +263 9-407039, +263 9-407040
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