The Black Umfolosi and their gumboots.

Black Umfolosi - Interactive Performance Workshops

The following are reviews of the Black Umfolosi 5`s interactive famous workshops.

Workshop Source Workshop Text
A Capella and Dance Workshops Performance Geared Workshop

From Zimbabwe

As seen on Channel 4s Paul O Grady Show 

Full day, part day, residential workshops and concert sessions available.

These can be adapted to suit schoolchildren/groups of ALL age groups including those with special needs.
Sessions can also be adapted to suit  all other age groups including the elderely.



The Black Umfolosi 5 teach dance steps and vocal parts introducing participants to traditional Zimbabwean styles resulting in a rewarding and memorable experience. The group give fascinating insights about where they live and their background making the whole experience enlightening, informative and entertaining.

They will be touring the UK in Autumn 2011 and are available for their famous workshops  fun, informative and inspirational.

Workshop Information
Recommended number of participants up to 50.
(The group can split into two teaching groups to enable up to 100 participants at a time.)

The results of the exciting workshops can be shared with other students, teachers etc in a 20 minute presentation. The workshops can be adapted for all ages and types of groups including those with special needs. For very young children (infants) the group will offer a performance based session involving suitable participation.

Sessions can be tailored to suit, but are typically
Half day ( 2 x 1 hr sessions, plus 20 min presentation)
Full day (3 x 1 hr sessions, plus 20 min presentation)
Full day plus 1 hr acoustic* evening concert/presentation

Evening performance can include participating children from daytime workshops ??? and could be a chargeable event to offset your costs.

PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ADASTRA who can quote for a session for your school/group/organisation.

Workshops and performances could be shared with partner-schools.

Please note that the group are not UK based and therefore carry Visas and COS numbers but not CRB certificates.

To find out more or discuss options please contact
Martin Peirson at Adastra tel 01377 217662

Cross Generational Workshop

Children and elderly people Duration 1 - 2 hours


This could take place in an elderly peoples home with children from a local school.

Introduction of Black Umfolosi members and a brief history of the group.

Demonstration by the band of dance and song.

The participants are broken into groups of equal proportions of elderly and youth. Under the guidance of a band member the groups are encouraged to devise a song and dance based on a Black Umfolosi/ Zimbabwean song.

The elderly and younger people will be encouraged to tell their stories through dance and song. In the process both generations will listen, learn, and enjoy the experience of being listened to. Towards the end of the session, the groups are able to demonstrate their achievements to one another.

Followed by a discussion and feedback on the performances.If raised by the participants Black Umfolosi can talk about how the different generations treat each other in Zimbabwe and what their expected role is.

A discussion may be held where the groups talk about their preconceptions and feelings towards one another, and how they feel about the African model and how the dynamic between generations works in their own country.

Informative Session for Community Homes

For residents and staff


Just like all workshops, the style will differ depending on the needs of the specific group of people.

In general, Black Umfolosi, will share with the residents the experience of life in Zimbabwe.The band will perform songs and dances. The residents will have the chance to ask questions and maybe sing something from their own tradition, which Black Umfolosi may improvise on to create a cross cultural work.

Exchanges and Links

For those interested in continuing from one event.Work can be done that can result in reciprocal visits, links with schools or communities in Zimbabwe, sending each other music, instruments, crafts etc, and exchanging information through letters and the internet.


Suitable for All Age Groups


Schools, universities, etc

Black Umfolosi conduct several styles and types of residencies and collaborations. Some of these are produced with a particular theme and style in mind, exploring various issues affecting society.

Past residencies have explored children's rights in Zimbabwe and the UK. Helping children to deal with stereotypes and with problems understanding cultures and traditions different to their own.

Other residences explore:Aids awareness issues in Africa and elsewhere.Race relations and racial harmony.The arts in developmental education - to tackle specific issues as relevant to the needs of the venue or hosts.

Costume Making and Designing